Nalini (Keswick, Adelaide)


I have been in pain in my back for many years and in my line of work, it has aggravated my condition even more. I went to Dr. Sandeep’s clinic and was made to feel very important and his caring mannerism was
kind and empathetic. Dr. Sandeep gave me full 1-hour consultation and studied my case properly. He also took the time to explain me my problem by making diagrams on paper. He recommended me herbal medicine, yoga and life style management. He gave me Kati Basti as a therapy to relieve and cure my problem. Nowadays I feel pain free and light. I cannot wait to get treated again and highly recommend this fine doctor who knows exactly what he is doing. Herbal medicine is quite safe & effective. Thank you, Dr. Sandeep for making my life pain free.

Kelvin (Glen Osmond, Adelaide)


I had been on anti- depressants for a few years and thought that life is only around these pills. I felt drowsy and helpless most of the time. I wanted to stop all this but couldn’t do anything without these medicines.
Then someone recommended me Dr. Sandeep. I went to his clinic. He gave me full counselling and herbal medicine. He also advised me healthy food, yoga and breathing exercises. The therapy which he gave me is very effective named Shirodhara. Within 2-3 weeks, I felt relaxed. I stopped anti-
depression medicine. Now I am happy, healthy and taking sound sleep. I highly recommend Dr. Sandeep for such kind of patients.

Karin Blake (Anzac Highway, Adelaide)


I was suffering from Bronchial Asthma and seasonal allergies all the time. My life seemed to be blocked by these allergic symptoms. I was on inhaler and steroids. Every time I
felt unsafe. Then I got recommendation about Dr. Sandeep and went there to try my luck as I was fed up now. Dr. Sandeep listened to my each and every problem carefully. Then, he did pulse diagnose and full
body assessment by asking me number of questions. At the end, he recommended me herbal medicine, yoga and breathing exercises. I followed him blindly. And by the end of 1 month, my problem and symptoms relieved drastically. The medicine was so effective that slowly I tapered off my steroids. Now I am on herbal treatment. I feel so happy that day by day I am getting well and my life is in safe hands. Thanks and God bless you.

Sharon (Ovingham, Adelaide)


I had Insomnia for a couple of years. Then, I met Dr. Sandeep and after 2 treatments, it went away. Now I am feeling light every morning because of sound sleep at nights. Thanks, Dr. Sandeep.

Chandra (Bowden, Adelaide)


I used to eat lot of junk food and fried food because of busy day schedule. I started facing abdominal pain, hyperacidity and irritability. I took antacids but all hopeless. Then, I went to Dr. Sandeep’s clinic because he was an ayurvedic consultant. He recommended me
herbal medicines and did my food and life style management. Within 2-3 days, I saw drastic change in my problems. Now I can do anything without worrying about my problem. I am eating healthy and proper food as recommended by doctor. I am a happy to go man now. Thanks Doctor.

Shalini (Bonython Park, Adelaide)


I had started suffering from acne when I turned 15. I was on antibiotics since 1 year. Whenever I stopped my medicine, breakouts occurred, and I felt as if nothing can save me except antibiotics whole life. Then I saw on Internet and learnt about Dr. Sandeep and Dr. Anupam’s clinic as I wanted to start
herbal treatment. I went there and Dr. Anupam recommended me herbal medicines, told me do’s and don’ts for my daily routine. Provided me diet chart for glowing and acne free skin. Nobody believes that after 3 months of proper treatment, my skin is so healthy that not even a single scar or
acne is left. Now I am on no treatment and only following Dr. Anupam’s guidelines for daily skin care. Thanks doctor for fixing my problem for ever. Big thumbs up to you.

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