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Herbal Remedies and Natural Remedies - Basic Knowledge , Dec 12, 2020

Brahmi along with honey are main components of saraswatarishtam. Apart from these, this also contains shatavari, vidari, haritaki, usheera, shunti, mishi, vibhitaki, cinnamon and cardamom. These are some common ingredients and there are many others involved directly and indirectly in the manufacturing of saraswatarishtam.

The herbs like shatavari, vibhitaki, shunti, usheera and haritaki are mixed with each other to make a coarse powder form. This mixture is then added to water, and the solution is boiled till it reduces to a quarter parts to prepare Kashaya. The liquid thus obtained is than filtered via natural filtering. Some other ingredients like cardamom, cinnamon are then added to the liquid mixture prepared in the previous steps. The entire mixture of the liquid and ingredients is then transferred into a golden vessel or mud vessel. For an entire month it is sealed with the ingredients at rest inside. After observing proper taste and the completion of fermentation the contents are filtered and stored in a vessel smeared with ghee.

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